Seal types

ScraperTo protect a hydraulic cylinder from contamination by moisture, dirt, debris and the associated damage to the sealing, guiding elements or the rod and cylinder tube surface, scrapers are used in the rod guides. With the help of a sealing lip, the impurities are guided away from the rod during retraction of the cylinder and prevents penetration.

Rod sealsThe rod seal is the most important sealing element in hydraulic devices, because it prevents the leakage of the medium into the environment. The rod seal is installed in the rod guide behind the scraper. Failure of the rod seal can result in reduced system performance or even environmental damage.

Piston sealPiston seals are used as seals of the upper and lower cylinder chamber. The piston seals can be designed to be both single-acting and double-acting and prevent an overflow of the medium into the other chamber. Due to the pressure build-up, the piston can be selectively moved in the cylinder.

Static seals / O-ringsStatic seals are static seals, ie those where no sliding movement takes place. Mostly static seals are used on the rod guides or in flange seals. The most commonly used static seal is the O-ring, which is to be mounted with or without support ring.

Guide elementsGuide elements are used to avoid metal contacts between the piston rod and piston in the hydraulic cylinder. They absorb lateral forces in the cylinder and guide the rod and the piston. As a result, damage to the metallic components and the resulting seal damage are counteracted.

Rotary sealsRotary or oscillating hydraulic applications use rotary seals to seal the components. The seal can be radial or axial. Depending on the complexity of the sealing tasks, the spectrum ranges from simple shaft seals to mechanical seals with a very long service life.

Various sealsIn addition to the various main sealing elements in hydraulic applications, there are a variety of other seals for connections. These can be, for example, composite sealing rings, copper rings or aluminum panes. In addition, there are sealing elements by the meter such as round and stuffing cord.

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